Sheila & John – Married

I love these two lovebirds!  I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the past year of wedding planning.  Sheila & I met over coffee and I just fell in love with her.  She and John are passionate, caring and have the best smiles (and John makes the BEST faces….I could write a blog post just about that.)  They had a beautiful wedding at Coppes Commons Event Center in Nappanee (my new favorite wedding venue!) and invited their friends and family to celebrate with them.  It was literally like a big family.  Lots of hugs all day long!  Check out Sheila & John’s wedding day!491011013141558596081Now this looks like a groom that’s excited to see his bride for the first time!1718192011121222324252627281123011331321143335Get it, John!52535455More than once during the day, I thought “How did we get this lucky to have such a BREATHTAKING bride to work with?!”36373839404849#bridesmaids #nailedit5042434446475164656667686911971721207374121The reception was decorated SO cute!  Check out some of the perfect touches:123571098118Can I just talk about the garden tea for a sec?  I loved it so much that I begged Sheila’s grandma for the recipe….come to find out, there really isn’t a recipe.  You can find garden tea at any greenhouse and some local shops have it.  I mean, it’s REALLY good.77899293757678798082838586879091949596979899100101102103104105At the end of the evening, we whisked them away to a different past of the building for a few shots to end the night.  So dreamy!106122107108123Sheila & John, I just adore you both.  You were a HUGE highlight in our wedding season and it just wouldn’t have been the same without you! I’d love to keep photographing milestones in your life – you know where to find me! :)  And John, I love your faces so much that I’m posting some bonus pictures below.  Enjoy!


– Carla

2934And my favorite table setting:124